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Modern Coin Magic

Modern Coin Magic


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This book is the most complete treatise ever written on sleight-of-hand coin conjuring.

Celebrated magician J.B.Bobo has gathered here the best and most useful of all coin tricks not only his own, but those of some four dozen notable prestidigitators, including greats such as Robert Houdin, Professor Hoffman and the greatest of all coin conjurers T.Nelson Downs.

All the tested traditional methods of coin magic are here. Bobo has added to these the best of the modern innovations while eliminating all the out of date impractical sleights of his sources. You will learn all about palms, holds, flips, switches, change-over, steals, cuffing, sleeving and other sleight-of-hand techniques. Paperback with 510 illustrations and 353 pages.
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