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Mystery Card Box

Mystery Card Box


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This is the ultimate card illusion. We watched this being professionally performed in London and it blew the audience away.

Watch the video demo below - buy this trick and YOU can make a signed card magically appear inside a box that has been in full view at all times. 

The box is made of wood and measures 6.7 cm (2,6") x 5.5 (2,2") x 4.8 (1,9").

This prop has a long history:

Most people associate this trick to the late great Fred Kapps who used a ring box into which a folded duplicate card was glued. This was one of the highlights of his lecture, where he made it clear that the method used had been shown to him by a German magician named Bruno Hennig. Mr. Kapps had shown it to his good friend Scotty York, who had modified the prop to allow a rattle of the card in a box before revealing it. It was Scotty York who later developed some of the best handlings and presentations of his prop. Later variations were put out by Jamy Ian Swiss, Italian magician Bruno Canaldi, and in 1985 an 8 page section by Tommy Wonder in his excellent Books of Wonder vol. 1, as the Card in the Ringbox. Wild Magic had made a series of these boxes, one for cards, one for money and one for blank billets.

Note from Magic by Post: We love this trick. We use to stock the fabulous Kennedy Mystery box but they switched from a wooden to a plastic version and for me it lost its charm. Thankfully this one is made from wood and is 3 times less costly than the Kennedy box. It defies logic that a box that you show empty, close and then never touch again is able to contain the signed card. You will need a blue backed pack of standard bicycle cards (the video shows red backed cards but when we check the box is made from blue backed cards) that is not included with the trick. You will also need a ready supply of spare cards to replace those that get signed. We sell both. This version of the box cannot be examined. 


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