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Other Worldly

Other Worldly


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This is our take on the wonderful 'out of this world' card trick by Paul Curry which is legendary amongst magicians as having fooled Winston Churchill during a wartime dinner party. He asked to see it several times over, was completely baffled and it even made him let for parliament, or so the story goes. 

We have compiled this trick using the wonderful Bicycle Star Gazer card deck which features designs and colours inspired by one of the most mysterious and awesome object in the galaxy, the black hole. 

You are supplied with 20 cards which are made up of two of the same card (10 of each). Placed face down you pull out one each of the cards and place them face up on the table. You then ask a spectator to predict where each card should go, placing them face down on the face up cards as you go. 

Half way through you place another two cards (again one of each) face up and continue to ask the spectator to make their prediction until all of the cards have been dealt. 

Once you have no cards left and all the predictions have been made, turn over the cards to show that the predictions have been 100% correct. Every faced down card matches the corresponding face-up card. It really is other worldly. 

Easy to perform, easy to set-up and the cards can be examined after the trick. We can see why Winston was baffled! 

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