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Paul Harris Presents Wings by Matthew Mello

Paul Harris Presents Wings by Matthew Mello


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A stunning visual card trick that will leave your audience gob smacked. The angel on the back of the card actually flaps its wings! An odd and beautiful sight.

You show the two little angels printed on the back of your playing card. Separated from each other for almost forever..each angel at opposite ends of the card.. trapped in their dried ink loneliness. 

But then, a kindly spectator blows them a kiss. There's a moment of stillness...then the angel starts FLAPPING ITS WINGS! Yep..the two little angel wings seem to be FLUTTERING UP AND DOWN..yet never lifting off the flat surface of the card. An odd beautiful sight indeed. Are those wings really flapping? Are you seeing what you think you're seeing? Is this some weird angelic optical delusion? Is that really your audience giggling with delight? 

A moment later the animated angel is GONE!. There's just a BLANK SPACE at the top of the card. Perhaps the angel has flown to the kindly spectator's ear to whisper "thank you"? But then the angel REAPPEARS back on the card...right NEXT TO THE OTHER ANGEL! Our two angel buddies together at last! (And can let your spectator keep the special angelic souvenir). 

WINGS provides you with a fun, compelling emotional hook..and THREE distinct moments of astonishment: The wings ANIMATE..the angel VANISHES...the angel REAPPEARS next to its long lost angel buddy. 

  • Card can be signed and given out as a souvenir 
  • No threads or loose pieces 
  • Add to a normal deck 
  • Includes super easy "NO double lift" handling 
  • Right after the animation you can go directly into the classic Twilight Angels "Mirror" sequence.

This trick comes with a brilliant instructional DVD, a gimmick, 6 USPCC Mandolin back Twilight Angel cards and one normal Bicycle Mandolin deck. Please note, this is the RED backed version.

We love this trick but don't take our word for it. Here is a selection of the best comments picked from the magic forums: 

I just got my wings effect today. After watching the DVD and doing it for a few people, I have to sat this effect is AWESOME! It is self contained and very easy to do! I highly recommend this effect to anyone.

Remember to watch the DVD before trying to work the gimmick.

The wings flapping look so surreal, they are amazed by it.


For $35 you get an incredible visual effect, a well made gimmick, six "give away" cards, a deck of Mandolin Back playing cards, and an excellent instructional DVD

Products like this make me very happy. First, you see the trailer and think . . . no way . . . it's gotta be some ridiculously complex gimmick that isn't practical. Then the product arrives and holy cow was I wrong. I love that! The effect looks exactly like the video trailer shows. The ad copy is 100%. The animated illusion of the wings flapping is beautiful. The gimmick is hand made and easy to use.

If you choose to have the card signed and given out as a souvenir, you can do that six times before having to purchase refills.

I have nothing bad to say about this product. If you like the effect, then you'll be very happy with your purchase. The price is excellent considering all that you're getting. If you think you'd perform a trick like this, you're right. It's super simple to do, and the instructions and additional handling ideas are superb.

I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Final Verdict: 5 Stars with a Stone Status of Complete and Total GEM!


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