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Pip Art by Dan Harlan

Pip Art by Dan Harlan


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A spectator's chosen card is lost in the deck. Instead of finding the card (any magician could do that), the pips on another card are moved to create an image of the selection! 

This amazing souvenir card may be fully examined-the pips don't move! 

Comes complete with the necessary, specially-printed Bicycle card and detailed, fully-illustrated 12 page instruction booklet.  The magic from Dan Harlan is great. His Card-Toon has been a best seller for years.

This really is a great trick, look at these comments from magicians who know on the magic cafe forum:

 - A killer gaffed card effect. This blows minds and the card is examinable. 

 - Easy and fun to perform.

 - A great little effect. 

Please note, you will get special red backed gimmicked cards with this trick but you will need to add them to your own standard red backed bicycle deck. If you don't already have a deck to hand you can get them inexpensively from us.

Take a look at this excellent video demo I found on the net. It is not in English but the trick is so visual this doesnt matter...


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