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Rattle Box

Rattle Box


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This Professional Rattle Box instantly vanishes coins, rings, and other small objects! Made from teak wood. 

A coin or a ring is placed inside a small wooden box. The box is closed with the sliding lid. The box is then shook. A rattle sound is heard which confirms the existence of the article. Instantly the box is handed over to the spectator. The spectator may shake the box. But there will be no sound. Spectator opens the box but finds nothing. The coin or the ring as the case may be has completely vanished from inside the box. The coin or ring is then produced from some other place.

An evergreen in magic!

  • The box measures 9cm long,  4cm high, 6cm wide. It is made from beautiful teak wood. 
  • You can make disappear a ring, nails, bolts, pins and many other items of small size.
  • You can perform this effect with a borrowed object and repeat it immediately without any preparation.

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