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Scream (DVD and Gimmick) by Jamie Dawes

Scream (DVD and Gimmick) by Jamie Dawes


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One gun. One bullet. One hacked off finger in one bloodied envelope. One story your audience will NEVER forget!

Imagine every ingredient that makes a killer horror film being used to create an experience like no other.

Over four years in development to give your spectators the ultimate live horror experience!

With little more than three photos, one envelope, a letter and the unforgettable story of one of the most brutal murders of its time, Scream is like nothing you have performed before!

Susannah Cartwright was infamous for being the first female murderer of her kind. On the eve of her wedding, she found out her fiancé had a mistress. So once they were wed, she took his shot gun off the wall and whilst he drifted off to sleep, she fired one shot directly into his head.

She then took his wedding finger with the ring still attached and sent it to the local sheriff with a note telling the police department that her husband had played so many games with her, it's time to play a game with his dead body... What unfolds is illustrated with three and only three images.

One of Susannah with a desperate and confused glaze in her eyes. One of the house in which they lived and lastly one of the woods in which the body was eventually found.

At first glance they may seem like macabre reminders of a time long ago but when your spectators look again, they discover a disturbing depth to the photos in which ghostly manifestations appear in their very hands.

Once they recover from this, you hit them hard with something that will ultimately make them scream!

Scream is a beautifully dark tale with a great ending that will make your participants jump out of their skin!


Note from Magic by Post

This is one of those tricks that gets a reaction. Often a jumpy one with a few swear words attached! If you like story telling and to draw your audience in then this is the trick for you. Its actually quite a bit of fun to perform, it's also easy and quite different to most tricks. Granted, the video demo doesn't give much away on the actual performance so if you want to see more of the detail check out the Talk Magic Forum Review Please note, this product requires caps for the bang. We provide a small number to get you going. 


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Customer Reviews

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Nikos Vasileiadis
One of the best Halloween tricks!

This trick requires almost no sleight of hand and it's 100% sure to scare your audiences!
Perform this in the right conditions and you will make them freak out!