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Decode the present to predict the future 

IMAGINE THIS: The magician shows three business cards with predictions written on them (if you prefer you can simply use scraps of paper). These predictions are doodles, so he announces that he's going to teach three spectators how to read them. To do so, he whispers something to each of them. The spectators sign the predictions. One of the spectators names the predicted cards and they match cards that were chosen. Finally, the magician offers to explain how to read the signs. When he puts the signed business cards over a lighted candle, the doodles visually turn into the names of the three chosen cards. You can give the three business cards as a souvenir. 


  • No gaffed cards, no marks, use your own regular deck 
  • The spectators always handle the deck 
  • The predictions are written before starting the show 
  • The predictions are signed by the spectators 
  • The predictions are always in the spectators' hands 
  • No psychological force 
  • In making the selections, the spectators stop dealing whenever they want
  • An unbelievable visual climax 
  • Bonus: A magician-fooler version with a BORROWED deck of cards 

Includes: Printed instructions, gimmick and video download

Straight Talk Magic Reviews gave this trick 9.5 out of 10 on the Magic Cafe Forum. Check out their full review HERE

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