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Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 5 (Hardback)

Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 5 (Hardback)


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For many years this course has been restricted to the magic fraternity. Originally started by Dr Harlan Tarbell, these lessons were a mail order course offered individually with a new lesson each week. Now beautifully bound in hardback with gold hot stamped covers these are sure to become a collector’s item.

Well illustrated with step by step explanations of the principles of magic, it’s just like having your own personal professional instructor. Professional magicians have universally hailed this as the greatest school of magic ever set down on paper.

Volume Five

59 unique magic
60 more unique mysteries
61 four ace effects
62 modern mental mysteries
63 hat and coat productions
64 oriental magic
65 original oriental secrets
66 tarbell hindu rope mysteries
67 modern rope magic
68 magic of the bambergs
69 magic with bowls and liquids
70 illusions
71 publicity and promotions
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