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The Moonrakers Tale

The Moonrakers Tale


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The curious tale of the Moonrakers dates back to the 17th Century, when smuggling was common place in rural England. 

A pair of country folk were in the business of smuggling French brandy, which they hid in a pond waiting to be retrieved under the cover of darkness. Unfortunately (for them) when they returned at night they were caught in the act raking the brandy out of the pond by the excisemen. 

It was a clear night and seeing the reflection of the moon in the pond, the quick thinking men claimed they were raking a round of cheese (the moon) from the pond. The excisemen were amused by the simple country folk and left them to it. 

To this day, native Wiltshire folk are known as Moonrakers.

Bring this story alive with wonderful props and a sprinkle of magic… 

Place a prediction card face down on your table together with three wood discs and a small bag. Each of the wooden discs depicts either the moon, a Moonraker rowing across the pond or a bottle of brandy. 

As you tell the story of the Moonrakers, the spectator chooses which disc goes in the bag, which disc they hold and which disc you hold. This can even be done with the discs face down so no one knows which is which and the spectators can even change their mind. 

Turn over the prediction card and all three choices match! 

You will receive three wooden discs, a small bag and two prediction cards all boxed up with clear written instructions.  The discs are cut in the UK, and hand finished using pyrography in our Bristol workshop with the images burnt into the wood. The discs are finished with non-toxic Danish oil for protection. 

Creative credits 

The Moonraker Tale really is from British Folklore and its application to this trick is unique to Magic by Post.  However we did not invent the secret workings of this trick, which was revealed to us without credit. A little research has shown that some of the magical elements are over 100 years old but its important to credit the wonderful Indonesian mentalist Deddy Corbuzier who we believe pulled the elements together in it’s current format circa 20 years ago. 

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