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The Golden Key

The Golden Key


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The magician displays a very old looking gold or silver key (you could receive either) in his hand and starts to move the teeth completely around the shaft of the key. Then the teeth are moved up and down the shaft.

You stop in the middle of the shaft and spin the teeth one half turn and at this point you pass the key out for inspection. The spectator cannot move the teeth, they are stuck where the magician left them. A close-up classic trick that is very easy to perform. 

The is highly effective visual magic that is super easy to perform.

Highly recommended by Desmond George and we love it too. Check out the video demo below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Newlands
Golden key

Great gimmick,Robust and well made and great value for money!! I woukd highly reccomend it.

Philip Bennett
Simple But so efective.

Can be performed straight from the box. I have baffled so many friends with this.

Colin Howes
The Golden Key.

Great effect.Well illustrated instructions and on line.

John B Hadfield
Well made

This is a value for money item. Would normally be used as a stand alone effect