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The Time Capsule

The Time Capsule


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Use the time capsule to vanish a silk taking it back to your pocket where it was moments earlier.

Pull out a silk from your top pocket, ask someone to sign a small scrap of paper and wrap it in the silk.

Place the silk and signature into the time capsule, wrap it securely and have your spectator hold it firmly. All of this is done close up and personal.

Unwrap the time capsule and the silk has vanished. It has traveled back in time and is found back in your top pocket taking the signature with it! Everything can be examined and best of all it is easy to perform. 

We supply the special time capsule, a silk hanky and full handling instructions.

I love this trick but it is not new. There are a  number of versions on the market with the most famous being the Vernet Crystal Thief. It's a very popular trick which we have sold as long as I can remember. This version of the trick is slightly smaller than the Crystal Thief (which I think helps with the handling), it also includes routines, handling instructions and a silk hanky.

One of our supporters included this in a review of our top 4 products, check it out:

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