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Vernet Bug Writer

Vernet Bug Writer


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The greatest gimmick in mind reading. Perform amazing magic like you see on TV!

The Swami gimmick is the must have magicians prop for any mind reader. It will allow you to easily create the illusion of mind reading. The Vernet B.U.G. writer gives you the possibility to write secretly in front of the audience to perform:

  • Predictions
  • Mind Reading
  • Mind Control
  • Guessing
  • Spirit Writing
  • And Much More! 

The Vernet B.U.G. Writer (pencil edition) is the best version of the Swami gimmick we could find and has been specially designed to adhere firmly to the fleshy pad of the thumb. Its special design and sticky surface allow you to master the use of this wonderful gimmick and still keeping it absolutely invisible for the audience.

With this amazing prop you will be able to perform the magic you see on TV and never thought was possible!

Note From Magic by Post

There are many different Swami gimmicks on the market and often it comes down to personal choice with what works best for you. We have tested gimmicks that are attached to a thumb tip, fit under your nail and are ink based. We have also looked at several different brands.

Based on our tests we recommend this Vernet version as it fits nicely and securely to the thumb and we found it incredibly easy to write with. Vernet produces quality magic and you can easily replace the lead.

If you are new to this gimmick, give it a go - you really can perform stunning magic. Full instructions included.

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