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Wild Card

Wild Card


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Master the ultimate card trick! Introduce a wild card and use it to change the value of all the other cards even after you have showed them to be different.

This is the card trick that will leave their jaws dropping...

An effect that has baffled Magicians for years is easily learned with Wild Card. Watch the transformation of the 9 of spades into Wild Queens right before your eyes! Master the Ultimate Card trick quickly with the visual guide and online teaching.

Wild Card Kit Includes: 

  • Magic cards made from bicycle stock.  
  • Easy to follow written instructions with full colour pictures. 

The magician shows the spectators his "beautiful" collection of cards that are all the same. They are all the same except for one… the "wild" card.

Incredibly, right in front of the bewildered eyes of the spectators, the magician changes all the cards of his collection one at a time into the wild card! A truly classic card trick.

All the necessary is supplied to perform this beautiful effect. Explained in the instructions are also some simple techniques useful to whoever performs card magic.

Note from Magic By Post

This is a classic card trick, the concept of which, can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century and is still very popular today. It was developed further my several notable magicians throughout the 20th century and we think it belongs in every magicians armoury. We have stocked this for many years but have switched supplier allowing us to sell them at less than half the price of the previous version but still retaining the quality you would expect from bicycle cards. The cards are supplied with either red or blue backs. The colour of the backs cannot be chosen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mitch Hodge
Oldie but a goodie

I did magically professionally in my teens and early twenties and then turned to other pursuits. Now, some thirty years later, I have returned to magic. I missed it. So much has changed in the age of the internet with so much more information on techniques, presentations and new slights out there. I performed Wild Card all the time back in the day, when I was working at a small magic shop and performing, and it was always a crowd pleaser. I was very excited to see that it is still around. I have been practicing non-stop on my new routine and introducing new handlings which I have seen across the internet.

My one complaint about the Bicycle Deck Wild Card is that they all seem to be the same combination of cards for the trick (I received two decks from different vendors and then checked with others as well as online videos, and they all seem to be the same). I always used to carry three packets with me with different combinations so that I could perform the trick in the same room to different onlookers without everyone thinking I was redoing something I had already done (with a different presentation and handling). I wish there were an assortment with these packets.

Nonetheless, the cards are good quality and I am sure will last much longer than the old waxed nondescript playing cards of which my packets were made. I also appreciated the instruction packet that came with the cards and gave me some ideas for different routines and handlings.

Nikos Vasileiadis
A true classic of magic!

This is one of the best card tricks you can do.Period!

raymond pountain
Excellent Close-up Magic

Very good and baffling trick to spectators who see this, and quite easy to do. Recommended.