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An Interview with a Magician: Andrew, Bristol

Andrew, Brisol

Name: Andrew

Location: Bristol, England

Occupation: Dental technician ( and magic shop owner (

Describe yourself in three words: Eccentric. Rebellious. Workaholic.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? The old childhood classic, a fireman.

Magic skill level: Hobbyist (serious collector)

How did you get into magic? It all started with a magic kit when I was a kid. Many years later, when I started by denture repair laboratory I was looking for a sideline to make use of the building and keep me busy during quiet times. I remembered that magic kit and started selling joke shop classics with a small number of magic tricks. It grew from there and as the magic side of the business grew, so did my personal interest in magic and ability as 100's of new tricks crossed my desk. 

Do you have a favourite magician? It is hard to pick one. I grew up with Tommy Cooper and then Paul Daniels when magic was pulling in millions on primetime TV. Derren Brown also has connections to Bristol and so is up there. 

What type of magic do you like performing? Close-up magic to family and friends.

What is/are your favourite magic trick(s)?

Do you have a treasured magical prop? Yes, a beautiful deluxe eye of the idol made by Eric Hansen to my own specification.

What is your favourite magic memory? I have been to many professional magic shows at glitzy places in London and elsewhere but one that still sticks in my mind was from my childhood an excellent performance from a very capable magician at my village hall. 

Have you had any magic disasters / performances gone wrong? Absolutely! You can practice all you like, some tricks just don’t work out. I performed a new trick and didn't get the angles right, the audience saw right through it and let me know, the worst thing was, I was doing a friend a favour for his kids party! 

Any tips for budding magicians? The old favourites ring true; practice and practice some more; avoid repeating a trick to the same audience; never reveal the secret and leave them wanting more. There are some amazing magic tricks out there but a good book on card magic and a pack of bicycle cards will take you a long way.

A shout out to… I have had a lot of help since the 1970's and worked with some wonderful one-man creators who have given me guidance or supplied me with their wonderful magic tricks. Special mention to the late Cornish magician Desmond George, Pat Conway who supplied us with his amazing rising matchboxes for decades. The Bristol magic bar, Smoke and Mirrors, is always worth a visit. 

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