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Historic Joke Shop by Post Catalogue

Are you looking for a classic Joke Shop by Post Catalogue?

Since the 1970's we have sent out over one million catalogues but stopped many years ago when everything moved online. If you are interested you can find out more about our history HERE.

We regularly get requests from old customers who loved to receive our Joke Shop by Post catalogue and are desperate to get hold of a copy today to catapult them right back to their childhood. We have always sent one out free of charge but sadly we can no longer oblige, it is out of print and our left over stock has finally run out. 

Do not fear, I have taken one from my personal collection and scanned it to PDF below. If you want to get a full screen view just click on the pop-out box in the top right. You can even download it to your own computer or print your own. Just remember this is a historic catalogue for nostalgic reasons only, for our latest practical joke offering visit our online Joke Shop. 

Looking for more? We have produced a special nostalgic bundle which includes a printed reproduction of our front page, a selection of our practical joke classics together with a copy of their original artwork. All for under £10. Check out the link below.

Joke Shop by Post Catalogue (PDF) Circa 1986

Joke Shop by Post Catalogue

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