How to perform an easy coin trick

How to perform an easy coin trick

You can perform this trick fully surrounded at anytime and it really does baffle your audience. There is also no set up what so ever and all you need is a coin which means it can be performed anytime and anywhere. The only problem I find is that you will be asked to perform again and again. Be warned, as with all magic tricks, the more you repeat them the greater the chance your audience will discover the secret, always keep them wanting more!

Step 1 - Before You Start

Place a coin of your choice in the fold of your bent arm as shown in this picture. The coin is held in place when your arms are bent (see step 2).  

You will find you can move your hands quite freely with the coin still in place. 


Step 2 - Let Show Begin

Show your hands are empty, you can even show both sides. Act normally as the audience will focus on your hands, a natural misdirection. 

Explain that magicians often get accused of cheating and hiding things up their sleeves.

Step 3 - The Coin Magically Appears

Roll up your sleeves to show that nothing is hidden away, everyone knows that old trick.

As you roll up your left sleeve you actually steal the coin with your right hand.Continue to roll up your right sleeve to show nothing is there.

All you need to do now is rub your ‘empty’ hands together to produce the coin out of thin air.

Top Tips

In my experience this trick works best if you where a jumper over a t-shirt or a short sleeve shirt. You should be able to pull your sleeves up easily and you will find that the folds in your jumper will help hide the coin.

With the coin secretly in your right hand and your audience is satisfied that nothing was in your hands and nothing up your sleeves all you need to do is to magically make the coin appear. I find that a simple rubbing of the hands together with everyone gathered round as it appears from your palms is puzzling enough. 

Practice in front of a mirror first and enjoy. Remember this simple trick really will puzzle your audience and you can perform it anytime anywhere.

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