Nikos, Greece

Nikos, Greece: An interview with a magician

Name: Nikos

Location: Chaidari, Greece

Occupation: Magician, Sound Engineer

Describe yourself in three words? Magical. Magical. Magical!

What did you want to be when you were growing up? I always wanted to become a magician!

What is your magic skill level?  Semi-professional (I get paid part time to perform magic)

How did you get into magic? I asked my grandmother to buy me a magic kit that I saw in a Greek TV commercial! I started practicing magic when I was 6 or 7 years old. I love this art, because this is ART!

Do you have a favourite magician and why? That's a hard answer. All I can say is that Rocco Solano is ONE of my favourite magicians because his magic is so different from everybody else. As for stage illusionists ONE of my favourites is Hans Klok.

What type of magic do you like performing? Parlor and Stage Magic

What is your favourite magic trick (s)? It's very difficult to select some of my favourites. All of the magic tricks I prefer to do depend on the situation!

Do you have a treasured magical prop? No.

What is your favourite magic memory?  When I started to get more serious with magic. When I started learning more professional tricks instead of very basic magic tricks!

Have you had any magic disasters / performances gone wrong? Luckily No.

Any tips for budding magicians? Keep it original. You might not be the best, but it will be only one of you! This is maybe the best and only thing I can say to anyone who wants to get involved with magic!

A shout out to… My shout out goes to ANYONE who performs magic SERIOUSLY! It doesn't matter if you are an unknown magician, you are a part of this HUGE magic family!

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